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Giveaway Manager 2, Watch Out For The Tsunami !

Hi partners
Since we launched 1 week ago we have had a tremendous amount of feedback about our product, our sales techniques, upgrades, it’s all very exciting!
In response to many requests, we have now implemented a three part payment plan to assist people to own Giveaway Manager 2 a lot faster. This means that you can [...]

A New Giveaway Elite Community Is Rising !

Hi everyone
 Over the last 24 hours a new giveaway community is arising. There’s a lot of interest in the software, and the new sales process is capturing people that you refer, and locking them into your downline. This may not seem important to you just now but it is very important for your long term [...]

Giveaway Manager 2 Launch — Your Marketing Strategy

Hello partners,
Thank you so much for coming on board the Giveaway Manager 2 launch.
Our number of JV Partners for launch is increasing by around 10 per hour - which is awesome !
It gives us confidence that a lot of people believe in the power of Giveaway Marketing, and especially Giveaway Manager 2 software.
And we’ve proved [...]

Giveaway Manger 2: JV Partners Invited !

Hi everyone
Well the ball has been kicked off and we’re starting to see the promotional site for Giveaway Manager now being flooded with new JV Partners to help us launch the product next Tuesday 15th April.
As you would know by now, we’re offering commissions of $120 for the main product, and $200 for the OTO. [...]