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Stolen Software Owner Running His Own Giveaway Event

Fellow Marketers,
We release the following information to the internet marketing community for you to take action against a very dangerous person who has criminal intent.
This person is using a stolen version of our software, Giveaway Manager 2, for his site:
He is also running a stolen copy of Guido Nussbaum’s Giveaway Announcer hosted at:
From my own [...]

Giveaway Manager 2, Watch Out For The Tsunami !

Hi partners
Since we launched 1 week ago we have had a tremendous amount of feedback about our product, our sales techniques, upgrades, it’s all very exciting!
In response to many requests, we have now implemented a three part payment plan to assist people to own Giveaway Manager 2 a lot faster. This means that you can [...]

Giveaway Manager 2, Up and Running - Day Three !

Howdy partners,
Thank you all for being involved in a great way. This is a huge project, and we’re looking at ways to bring you home the profits that you deserve.
Firstly, as you might be aware, sales conversions are quite slow. This is not a typical launch. Perhaps this seems like a bit of a reverse [...]

A New Giveaway Elite Community Is Rising !

Hi everyone
 Over the last 24 hours a new giveaway community is arising. There’s a lot of interest in the software, and the new sales process is capturing people that you refer, and locking them into your downline. This may not seem important to you just now but it is very important for your long term [...]

Giveaway Manager 2: We have launched !

Hi partners
Thank you for coming on board with us for the launch of Giveaway Manager 2. After a few initial hiccups earlier this week, (for example, transfer of our server IP Address caused “reverse domain lookup” issues) - we’re on the road.
The easiest way to promote the product is to copy and paste the emails [...]

Giveaway Manager 2 : Two Days to Launch !

Howdy Partners
We’re getting excited about launch, and we’re going live in just 2 days time.
If you’ve already got your affiliate link from inside the site,  then you might want to warm it up and get it handy for launch on Tuesday 15th April. This is going to be big.
Already we’ve had people demand that they [...]

Sneak Preview of Giveaway Manager 2

We are in the last stage of the Beta Test for Giveaway Manager 2. The software has proven to be the most effective tool for running Giveaway Events. While this Beta Launch we have improved the software and added many new functions. Below you can see a short pre-view of the software.


GWM2 Powers the Daddys Birthday Giveaway

We have just had a look at the new alexa rankings for the Daddys Birthday Giveaway which runs on the new Giveaway Manager 2 software. We are blown away… it’s not funny anymore how much better a Giveaway Event performs with the right kind of software. While other marketers have to struggle to get some [...]