Stolen Software Owner Running His Own Giveaway Event

Fellow Marketers,

We release the following information to the internet marketing community for you to take action against a very dangerous person who has criminal intent.

This person is using a stolen version of our software, Giveaway Manager 2, for his site:

He is also running a stolen copy of Guido Nussbaum’s Giveaway Announcer hosted at:

From my own database of double opt-in subscribers, this is (some of) the identities of the named person. You may need to follow the link between the name of the person, as well as their IP Address throughout this list.

Sub. Id# Name Email Status AR Mess num. Ip/Time Action

14665 Anthony debney [email protected] F 17 1 05/22/07 12:05pm EDT [Del] - [Edit]

36679 Anthony debney [email protected] F 13 1 03/30/07 10:01am EDT [Del] - [Edit]

37128 Jason debney [email protected] F 13 1 03/27/07 1:57pm EDT [Del] - [Edit]

39890 Jason debney [email protected] F 31 1 01/04/08 - 18:21:12 [Del] - [Edit]

43588 Daniel armstrong [email protected] F 30 1 03/30/08 - 11:47:10 [Del] - [Edit]

52326 Daniel Armstrong [email protected] F 42 1 1/03/2008 12:29 [Del] - [Edit]

54250 Rick Armstrong [email protected] F 38 1 19/03/2008 18:29 [Del] - [Edit]

56068 Shonda Armstrong [email protected] F 38 1 20/03/2008 13:23 [Del] - [Edit]

54105 John Walters [email protected] F 38 1 19/03/2008 17:46 [Del] - [Edit]

58503 Oscar Walters [email protected] F 38 1 22/03/2008 17:10 [Del] - [Edit]

Added: 15/05/2008:

Daniel | [email protected] | IP:

121545 Daniel armstrong [email protected] F 14 1 1/18/08 - 21:27:29 [Del] - [Edit]

123227 Oscar walters [email protected] F 2 1 2/03/08 - 23:30:55 [Del] - [Edit]

Added 15/06/2008: Rick Armstrong [email protected] 2/04/2006 17:51

Added 26/05/2008: [email protected]
From other sources, this person is also known by the names:

Marie Ashwell
JV Marketing
Daniel Armstrong
Anthony Debney
Jason Debney
Keith Burton
Jamie Walters

He runs all kinds of scripts on his domain… all half setup… Did he pay for any of these ?

Added 15/05/2008:

It also seems he also has several PayPal accounts as there are various transactions associated with this account — though never for the full price. He uses PayPal workaround hacks to get things without paying full price. Have you got a payment from this guy ? PayPal, and us, would be very interested !
** What You Can Do **

- If you are invited to join his event, then please decline.
- If you have other information, please log a ticket at my support desk so that the FBI can be informed.

We are currently talking with PayPal, Web hosts, Domain name providers, and online legal entities to remove this person from the internet marketing community. We encourage you to check your own autoresponders to see if he is on your list(s). This will verify our submission here.

BEWARE: Since he is running his own event he could also potentially have your username and passwords that you commonly use for other promotions.

If we weren’t 100% certain about this then we wouldn’t attempt to make this claim.

I’d appreciate any further information, comments, or the like at my support centre (both good and bad!)

Thanks and bye for now,

Brad Smith (and Guido Nussbaum)
14 May 2008.

52 Responses to “ Stolen Software Owner Running His Own Giveaway Event ”

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  2. WHOA!

    another one of those kinda guys …

  3. ok this is not good however, may I say that when creating such a script would it not also be advisable to use zen or ioncube to encode the script, or make it so that it can only be used on a certain domain which is controlled by yourselves. Take for example memberspeed, you must put in a domain to get a licence code, same with amember?

    Just a suggestion


  4. Whoooolllleeeeyyyy crap! This is not cool…

    I’ll spread the word as much as I can…

    I mean if you can’t afford the script, don’t use it or maybe even just ask!

  5. Hi Brad,

    Wow…this guy’s on my list as well. Different IP addresses tough:

    I submitted them to you via your HelpDesk.

    Let me know if you need anythign else from me.

    Be Blessed,

    Ruddy Ortiz

  6. “”zen or ioncube to encode the script”"

    Yeah, we thought about that but personally I hate it when scripts are encrypted. I like to customize the look and feel of scripts and I guess many people think so as well. Another reason is that often servers don’t have zen or ioncube installed which means more installation work and extra problems that might occur.

    Also I didn’t think somebody is so stupid to steal a niche software like GWM 2… he should know that we hear about upcoming events… also he has been warned 3 weeks ago and we gave him the chance to pay for the software which he didn’t do.

    Guido Nussbaum

  7. Looks like he’s marketing your affiliate program through a banner at the tip of his page… you should have all their info right?

  8. Please remove this Posting from your website, i have taken a screenshot of the website and this information will be passed to my solicitors to take legal action

    You have 48 Hours to remove this Blog entry before i take legal action

  9. I’m glad you posted this, since I just found that guy’s site and was about to sign up.

  10. What do you expect? You stole our script and now you run a giveaway event with it. We have emailed you and asked you to clerify and to pay for the scripts but you didn’t. We’ve sent all the information and the screenshots of the stolen scripts that you host to the FBI. So if you want to call any lawyer then better do it now.

    Guido Nussbaum

  11. He also seems to be running a stolen copy of my Simple Member Pro script so any help you need just ask. I would like to see this person brought down as well.

  12. I have already Spoken to My Solicitors today since your posting, and i will be taking legal action.

    Ref to Your emails i have only received 2 from you to my support desk and 1 from Brad.

    I have sent 8 Email to you and to Brad, previously and received no response, then i get emails from you and brad with this posting.

    I have even tried to contact Brads Support, and haven’t yet received any responses from you or Brad.

    I was wondering if what could you do if i put out a email with an atatchment containing the script???

    I could also post upload it to several Websites that host your files for you and send out download links.

    But I won’t as this wouldn’t be advisable for me to do this as i will be taking legal action.

  13. Well Daniel, or whoever you are.. What’s the deal? You still haven’t said that you Didn’t steal it. Seems like you tried it, got caught, and are trying to back peddle.

    You say you emailed everyone but not that you did not do it… Seems like you’re guilty based on your actions.

  14. So you have talked to your lawyer and he gave you the brilliant advise to post this comment here? LOL

    So our 3 emails to you weren’t enough? I have told you through your Help Desk that we give you 7 days to pay for the scripts that you had stolen… that’s now 3 weeks ago and there was certainly no reply and no payment.

    How do you explain that you use like 10 different names to register your domains and to signup for websites?

    How do you explain that you have like 5 different addresses and phone numbers?

    How do you explain that you have at least 3 different paypal accounts all with different names?

    How do you explain that you have our scripts running that you haven’t paid for?

    Man, you need a real good story…

  15. I know of that idiot Anthony Debney.
    He had a very bad habit of cloning sites and stealing software.

    He cloned my websites a while ago and I had to almost take legal action against him.
    Trading standards were involved.

    Brad, if you want his POSTAL ADDRESS, I can give it to you.
    Just email me.


  16. From Dude: Ummm I was going to answer all of those questions. my lawyer told me what to say but my dog at the paper so I don’t know how to dig myself out of this hole I’m in….

    LOL! I’d like to see him really try to answer any/all of those questions… maybe even answer the question… Did you steal it?

    He doens’t have an answer. He was caught and he’s busted.

  17. Brad,

    I’m not sure if he got your script the same way he got mine but please contact me. I have created a solution to one of the major paypal button tricks. I will be including it in the next version of my script and if you contact me I will explain it so you can add it into your script as well.

  18. All contributors have ben emailed with a download link for GWM 2 and GWA Pro.

    Check your emails you may have a link in there

    NO i Didn’t Steal the software

    As to the POST ABOVE Johnny Slater, your SIMPLE MEMBER PRO was given to me By a subscriber of mine as i asked him for it and he gave it to me……..

  19. Daniel Are you an idiot?

    Because you asked for software gives you no right to use it.

    You’ve now gotten yourself into a serious, serious, serious situation.

  20. Just to let everybody know, that Mr. Armstrong has committed another crime. Now he offers the download of our software for free on his domains. No need to tell you that this will also be handed over to the FBI and the police. Maybe we can catch him as I think he is located in the UK and that goes under the European law. Below is the email that he just sent out to his list, of course without mentioning his name.
    Amongst the alledged alligations that have been made against me, i feel it fair that i retaliate back, i have decided to broadcast the 2 download links to The software that they say i have stolen.

    Download Giveaway Manager 2 From **Download Link Removed**

    Download Giveaway Announcer Pro from **Download Link Removed**

    Have fun i know that someone will want to download the software forr FREE as i have had 14 emails asking me to sell the software to them.

    If you really want the software send me a email and i will send you the password to open it


  21. I would say however if the developers sent an email with a link to download the software, then I’m not sure hes technically in the wrong for trying it. Ethically speaking its stealing but you know what I mean.

    Only the developers and daniel can say if an email was sent with the download link.

    What does he mean by contributors?

  22. Oh my gosh.
    This guy is a total idiot.

    Sorry you’re having to go through this.

    I retract my last statement and it seems he’s swinging for the fences.

    What a dork.
    At least his name is out there now as a dork.
    Find him on facebook.

  23. Daniel, if you have my software and you didn’t PAY ME for it then you stole it. Only I have the right to give my software away and if you didn’t pay me or get it from me then you have a stolen copy.

  24. Oh Well thats his business gone down the pan!!! LOL.
    Brad, you dont have to ioncube all of your script as you can leave bits out or make it templated.

    If it was templated then its customisable but the code (that runs the software) could be encrypted. For something you spent a long time developing I would go down the encryption route.

    Let us know how this turns out as I hate people that ’steal’ others hard work.


  25. This is the first time I think I have ever seen someone be stupid enough to say..I am going to sue you because I stole your software.

    This is exactly why I think there should be an air tax. You take an IQ test yearly and if you don’t score above a piss ant you pay an air tax.

  26. Daniel (or Jason or Anthony or Rick or Shonda or Walter or whoever you want to identify yourself as …)

    I have 3 people who monitor my support desk and we haven’t received ANY tickets about your claims. THIS IS A LIE.

    You may have distributed the download links to the software - but ANYONE FOUND RUNNING THE SOFTWARE ILLEGALLY WILL BE SHUT DOWN. We verify all users inside the site.

    Since the Giveaway scene is quite small, we receive a lot of JV Partner invites to these events. RUNNING THIS SOFTWARE ILLEGALLY WILL BE SUICIDE FOR ANYONE WHO DOES THIS.

    Brad Smith

  27. Brad,

    It would be funny if this wasn’t so sad… I feel your pain as dealing with digital theft is a lot harder then any other. Somehow people fail to see that stealing on internet is same crime as stealing from grocery store - be it a script, eBook or simply an intellectual property such as content.

    I hope your actions will lead to a proper pay back but however this will turn out - I agree with Chris Glasspool “thats his business gone down the pan!!!”. I guess he will need to come up with more names to operate on the Net…


  28. As the one that caught and reported the Giveaway running the Illegally Obtained Software I find it SAD that anyone would be stupid enough to:

    1. Think they would not get caught.
    2. Has the balls to think they could get away with it.
    3. Make an even Greater Mistake of thinking that by sending out an email offering Illegally Obtained Software is not against the Law.
    4. Sending me of All People an Email with Passwords to unlock the Illegally Obtained Software files and not thinking that that can be used as Evidence.
    5. Showing up here and posting to remove this thread and that he is taking Legal Action.
    6. Posts on here his his deluted thoughts if that is what you can call them.

    I could go on, but since everyone already knows he is an IDIOT I don’t think I need to.


    Scott Drake

  29. Honestly, I am in total disbelief. I cannot understand why anyone would steal a script that does not belong to them.

    Scott: thanks for letting everyone know about this.

    Brad and Guido: having been a contributor for some of your giveaway events, I know that you are both honest and ethical. I’m putting the word out.

    Johnny: Your script speaks for itself. Very powerful and useful. I do not own it but it has a great reputation.

    The IM community is now aware of this slime ball. What goes around will come around.

    Can anyone answer this for me: all he had to do was to PAY for the script. The script is very reasonably priced and he could have a legal copy…

    Why not just pay for the script????

  30. Will you all stop moaning NOW.

    Its getting quite BORING NOW, and to be honest im sitting here typing this and having fun at watching all you lot make your comments.

    Scott Drake, tut tut tut so now i know where to head now.

    Brad Smith
    Guido Nussam

    If whoever i sent the information to changes the script to suit there needs, and correct me if im wrong, they only need to change at least 30% to claim the script as there own.

    I dont know what your all moaning about the script that they have used to create the GWM2 is from JV Automater, all they have done is customize that script to there own, to which i will be doing and then i will send it out for FREE to anyone who wants it.

    You say you have a total list of all my domain names well there are quite a few that you have missed out, maybe they are linked to a different server and with my correct details.

    You will never find them, as they are also on a different server IP address, also the so called IP addressess you have are all Wireless ones and not my actual Home Ip Address.

    You see i have all tracks covered do you really think im that stupid.

    Also library’s are good to use as they are free

    I hope you get your result in closing the name website down, infact im taking all info from them now and removing all info from my server.

    As im already on the net trading and in all your lists on giveaway events offering gifts.

    So good luck and stop boring me with your comments

    PS look out for DOS

  31. Daniel, you know that hole your digging yourself into?! Well it’s getting deeper and deeper every second! :D

    You did ask to tell you if you were wrong, so I’ll do that now! They (The people you ILLEGALLY sent the download information too!) are too stealing the script that YOU stole too! Manipulating the payment button is one thing, but to act like a 3 year old saying ‘I didn’t do it’ is something else!

    Removing evidence from your sites too! Tut tut! :P I’ll let you know a way of finding out what was there when you’ve been caught. I’m sure everyone will enjoy the time you leave the internet! I for one will!… (YAHOO!)

    Am I allowed to say that I think your stupid?! (Opps, I just did!)

    “I have all tracks covered”… Is it me, or is that just proving YOURSELF guilty?

    Anyway, best be going!


  32. Daniel or Jason or Anthony or Rick or Shonda or Walter or whatever your going by you do not scare me, Honestly the last person that tried anything against my servers is serving a 10 year prison term. I have worked with several Government Agencies including and not limited to the FBI, MI6, New Scotland Yard, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, SEC, DEA and more. I have been on the net since before it was popular and also being in the News Business since the early 90’s I have had a chance to make a lot of contacts.

    As for attacking me directly, go for it your only going to burry yourself futher. I don’t think people will take kindly to you attcking a 48 year old that has Multiple Sclerosis, COPD and bulging disks into his Spinal Cord that is totally disabled and trying to make an honest living to support his family. But be my guest if you think it will help your manhood which seems to be lacking.

    If whoever i sent the information to changes the script to suit there needs, and correct me if im wrong, they only need to change at least 30% to claim the script as there own.
    [End Quote]

    Since they never had a Legal License to the software/scripts that would not be true, all they would be doing if they even used the software/scripts would become an accessory after the fact and subject to prosecution as you are already and trust me they will flip on you faster then you can say Queen Mother if it means they stay out of jail.

    You will never find them, as they are also on a different server IP address, also the so called IP addressess you have are all Wireless ones and not my actual Home Ip Address.

    You see i have all tracks covered do you really think im that stupid.
    [End Quote]

    WRONG!!! You see everytime you register a domain you leave a trail and with the right contacts and tools your trail of bread crumbs will lead right to you so yes you are that Stupid evidenced by your Stupiity of posting here admitting that you Stole other proples software/scripts for your gain.

    Let’s see what we can find with some easy tools…

    “Ebooksgalore” owns about 4 other domains
    “Daniel Armstrong” owns about 242 other domains (this was gernric search so the number could be wrong)
    “JV Marketing” owns about 6 other domains

    Your server comes back to out of Katy Texas which is hosted at Colo4Dallas of which I know some people there. I am sure they would like to hear about your AUP/TOS Violations.

    Hummm could these be you also, one has to wonder….
    Daniel Armstrong
    45 Lewis St
    Binghamton, New York 13901

    And that was only a simple search, a more intensive one I am sure would turn up a lot more.


    Scott Drake

  33. I have never said i was going to physically touch you Mr Drake NOW did i now.

    I have no interest in what ever disease you have or what is wrong with you, so saying something like that to me im not really bothered about your problems.

    Go ahead and visit the address that is stated above, im not sure who is living there but im sure if you go around to his address i bet hed have something to say to you wouldn’t he.

    You see im actually on a wireless connection at the moment, and every thing i do on the internet is down over wireless unless i need to get bigger files then i visit the library, so you see, registering domains and doing what i do won’t come back to me, it will come back to those whos wireless connection it is.

    For the sake of around $400 for digital theft isnt going to damage my life at all, yes i have been around using different names to sign up to giveaways and other websites and i know of alot of other internet users who do the same, its not illegal to do that.

    You see the thing that gets me is that every one who posts on blogs and the warrior forum, think that im a nasty person, well who are they to judge me, i bet you and everyone else has some relation who is a criminal or knows of someone who has been to the Pen, so you see if i can stir up so much trouble for a measily $400 bucks then what kind of trouble would i get into if i took something for $500???

    You wanna know the main reason why this has come about.

    I dindnt hack around the paypal buttons on any of the sites, of course i was interested in the Giveaway manager who isnt its a good peice of internet marketers Kit.#

    I was originally sent a email from a subscriber who is on quite alot of lists, the email went on to ask me if i wanted a copy of Giveaway Manager and Giveaway Announcer, for a reduced price, of course i jumped before i thought about it.

    The email stated that i was to join both site to which i had already done so, and once i had joined i was to send my ID to the person, he then sent me a html document with the PayPal Payment options on it, i had to pay Hime $97 and then i would have to pay for the 2 bits of software.

    Once i paid him for the software, and paid the sites thers i would be able to download the software from within the sites but would have to wait upto 1 hour.

    To be quite honest i didnt really think much at the time, i just went ahead and paid for it.

    Guess what my email inbox was hit with messages From Brad And Guido, telling me i had hacked around the paypal buttons {NOT ME}.

    I then sent Guido some info and he basically told me i was lying, HENCE i dint send the money.

    Then Brad steps in and i explain all the above to him, i then get given 7 days to pay for the software, {NO NOT YET} i wasnt going to loose my money and then pay for the software, {NO NO NO i carnt do that}.

    I emailed brads support center and never eeceived a reply {BRAD STATES THAT THERE ARE 3 USERS THAT MONITOR HIS SUPPRT} all i know is that i sent the email stating the above about paying.

    I am still awaiting money from my subscriber, {HENCE NO PAYMENT TO BRAD} forget GUIDO he called me a theif so NO payment to HIM,

    Then all of a sudden i get blasted by everyone, about opening up JOKEBOXGIVEAWAY, then all of a sudden i get tones of emails with threats.

    Do you all think im going to pay for it NOW.

    The jokebox giveaway was opened so i could raise the rest of the money to pay for the software To date prior to opening the JOKEBOXGIVEAWAY i have just under $100 all i needed to do was grab a few signups and then speak to brad and get the mess sorted out.

    SO as of now i dont think i should Pay the money to any of them because of there actions against me.

    My Real Name isnt in question here the fact that i had purchased the scrip from someone other than the originator is in question.

    Yes my PayPal account has been suspended but i know i have 180 days and then they have to payout to me anyway.

    So ll i can say it that im sorry, not that any of you really care, you may all say im shi**ing it but im not, im not really bothered about going to the Pen at all, i think im big enought to look after myself.

    So with all that said, im off look foorward to see some responses


  34. Well, well, well Daniel. Such a childish way to act. Do you really think that anyone who creates products for themselves cares for your little rant?

    There are a few things you have said:

    1. That someone has to change only 30% of the code for it to be considered their own. Ummm, under Australian law at least, and I’m fairly certain internationally, you are only permitted to reproduce up to 20% of someone elses work, and then only for educational purposes. Your surmise is indeed incorrect - perhaps you need a better Lawyer.

    2. If, as you spuriously state in your last comment, you did accept the code at a lower price that you PAID TO SOMEONE ELSE, you are at the very least an accessory after the fact. You knowingly accepted stolen goods. How can we claim that? Simply, it was a highly publicized release and the only channel through which you could buy the code was through the GWM2 site - which you obviously did not pay money to.

    3. You have compounded either the act of taking the code yourself, or the act of accepting it a lower price from someone else, by offering the code and it’s passwords to others, when you obviously had no licence to do so.

    If you want people to take you credibly, and I doubt you do, I would suggest that you invest in a dictionary and learn to spell correctly, and invest in an education where you learn to write coherently.

    Please, post another comment, I have enjoyed sharing your commentary with my professional business colleagues.

  35. DanielyouDick

    If you believe PayPal is going to pay out a dime after 180 days you’re sorrily mistaken. Read for a lesson on this.

    As for your real name, I suspect its above and I suspect you’re actually not that smart based on your comments, to go to a library or use other peoples connections.

    Do the world a favor here.
    You know the answer.

    I know thats harsh but you’re the scum that makes this world a piss-poor place. You’re evil and even if you’re not a religious man, an eternity in hell might not do you any good anyways. Either way, its been a fun ride, so take the high road now and get lost.

    You keep replying which shows you’re really scared and frightened that this MAY actually harm your real life. The fact that you’re taking sites down and trying frantically to remove info, shows what a rat pile of shit you are.

    I can tell you for a fact (while I can’t explain how I know this), we are closer to you than you would imagine. In fact, we have more info on you than we think you do. One day, it might be a knock on the door and you’ll see the handcuffs. Won’t mom be proud? I imagine it will be done at your home.

    Your mom probably hates you but I imagine that is only leading to your clearly evident psychological problems. Maybe you’ve got an older brother who was the favorite.

    Do the right thing for this world.

    We already have enough scum to deal with.
    But the fact that I have to share what’s left of our gasoline with you, the last bits of of our depleting resources,the beauty of the world before it melts away, the glory of being able to build an honest income online with such a piece of shit like you, makes me sick.


  36. Is this the way to retaliate ? [VIEW THE EMAIL AT THE END OF THIS POST]

    I’ve dug through my emails for the name “Daniel Armstrong” and look who appears, “J Debney” as “Daniel”.

    Perhaps Daniel DOES have a case against me.

    Sounds like he DOES have experience as a potential hacker, given the long list of programming languages he quotes below.

    Given the nature of the crime, I’d suggest that Daniel is a very well experienced HACKER who has a vengeance against successful internet marketers, and is a THREAT to the entire IM community.

    Perhaps the UK domain names correctly link to their sources, as suggested.

    Perhaps the multiple names, emails and IP’s are a HUGE cover up of an identity thief.

    Will Daniel strike again ?
    Most likely.

    What I don’t get is:
    1. Daniel never denied that he stole GWM 2
    2. Daniel never forwarded any other information about people who he purchased off, if he indeed did.
    3. Daniel took further steps to incriminate himself by distributing the software and passwords illegally, as reported by people who have forwarded these emails (and the responses) to me.

    A person who didn’t have enough cash to pay for an item wouldn’t work like this.

    A person with numerous domains and hosting and programming experience would also know the legal ramifications of this sort of activity.

    So Daniel, I disagree with you. You’re not innocent. And I don’t need to mention what I think you are…

    If you have any further evidence, as you suggest you have, about someone else on your list that you purchased from, then POST HERE so that I can deal with that.

    … because I’m moving in to shut you completely off the net for your actions to date. Would your lawyers have a problem with that ?

    Brad Smith

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Bradley Smith
    Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 18:30:12 +1000
    Subject: Re: Beta Testing for Giveaway Manager 2
    To: J Debney

    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for volunteering - I have just hit my 5 BETA testers so I’m
    sorry to let you know that I’ve had to limit the numbers a bit.
    Hope you will be around for launch, as well as Easter JV during March
    - I am sure you will do well out of both :)

    Bye for now –


    On Jan 31, 2008 12:01 PM, J Debney wrote:
    > Dear Brad
    > Thank you for your email relating to Beta Testing for Giveaway Manager 2
    > I would like to be considered to be one of your beta testers for Giveaway
    > Manager 2, I am currently working from home for the next 2 weeks.
    > I have 12 years experience in PHP Programming and MYSQL Database.
    > My Current Qualification in the area you are looking for are as follows
    > 1. Mastering SQL
    > 2. Database Administration with MySQL
    > 3. Building Database Driven Web Sites With Perl
    > 4. Database Driven Web Sites With PHP
    > 5. Perl Programming
    > 6. Advanced Perl Programming
    > 7. Perl for System Administration
    > 8. Perl for Web Development
    > I will supply my contact details to you if I am selected to become one of
    > your Beta Testers for Giveaway Manager 2.
    > My current location is United Kingdom, online availability 12pm to 3am GMT
    > Warm Regards
    > Daniel Armstrong

  37. Daniel, you gonna have a nightmare.


  38. I can see why you are upset over having your software stolen or distributed, but I do think that the comments on here are getting out of hand. Arguing about it with him on a public blog is doing nothing for anyone except perhaps, promoting your software and website. If you are serious about putting a stop to this, you would spend your time and energy going after him the “right” way, not through an ongoing argument on your blog.

    He might be childish for having stolen it in the first place, but the responses and ongoing drama here from the developer(s), doesn’t exactly give the impression that this site is run by adults either.

  39. Well lol, “Daniel” I highly doubt you have real world experience and the programming experience you tout. None of your sites I’ve been to show any sort of knowledge and experience. In fact, they look as basic as they can get.
    Just because you install Wordpress or Joomla doesn’t really mean you have PHP and SQL experience. I mean hell, it takes 5 min to build a site.

    You’re no system admin or web developer either. If you were, you would be as unethical as you are.

    I know what you are and unfortunately you’re not going to grow up with your full potential. You’re going to be Bubba’s bitch in jail for 5 years for all of the crimes you have committed. Not only stealing, but when you sell something stolen and make money from something stolen, it puts you into a higher level as a criminal. The charges and criminal punishments are much much higher.

    I’ve been on both sides of the coin, and I know the laws are much much stricter now.

    With PayPal involved and the authorities able to subpoena their records, you should expect to be picked up sometime soon.

    All you had to do was say you were sorry and shut down your sites. But you decided to fight. You have no legal leg to stand on, not even if you’re a minor. I again know this based on experience and involvements I won’t mention here.

    I’m happy I turned in my Black Hat long ago and have been wearing the White Hat for many many years. I like thwarting the useless attempts from script kiddie scum, such as yourself.

    This kid belongs in the mulch pile with all of the other organic smelly scum. I guess he’ll get there in prison.

    So Daniel, what are you going to do to make amends before the authorities knock on your door? You’ve caused more damage than just buying a legal copy of the script.

    We’re talking grand larceny, criminal distribution of copyrighted material protected under international law, and that’s just a small portion of the charges.

    So whatcha gonna do? I really want to know your plan because the hole you’ve dug yourself into is so deep, you might as well keep digging to China!

  40. Can probably add SP/\MMING to the list of deeds this arsehole is doing
    … seen a sharp increase in crap from UK with very similar IP addresses
    to ones quoted above since joining a giveaway … for
    example I just received.

    The script is way to vulnerable to be left unencrYpted (yes with a Y
    guido .. lol) …

    Brad already knows my thoughts on some of the “Options” this script deploys … lol … ; ) … anyway, hope you guys can do something with
    this idiot …….

    Christopher J.

  41. I’d like to point out that the domain names and should NOT be confused wih my LEGIT websites and

    A year or so ago, Anthony Debney, as he was called then, copycatted my websites by registering similar domain names and also uploading EXACT copies of my websites, so that it looked like they were my websites.

    He also purchased my scripts from Clickbank , under he nuttykeith name then promptly chargebacked me.

    It appears that he is a serial copycatter/scammer/chargebacker.

    You are not alone Brad.

    I have always wondered why he wanted to copycat my websites.

    I came up with two possible reasons:

    1) By copycatting my brand/website/everything, maybe he thought he’d also be successful too.

    2) He was planning to use them as phishing websites to lure my customers and scam them.

    You can decide.

  42. Hi Mikey J,

    His now redirects to his giveaway site, gee maybe I should email Scott Case to see if he stole that software also :)

    1) By copycatting my brand/website/everything, maybe he thought he’d also be successful too.

    NAH, it’s called Little ManHood Syndrome, he thought by cloning your sites it would give him a Bigger ManHood instead it just made him The BIGGEST PRICK on the net.

    2) He was planning to use them as phishing websites to lure my customers and scam them.

    Now that I can believe…


    Scott Drake

  43. Everyone,

    Thanks for all your comments, both positive and negative.

    I’d ask that you no longer bag the hell out of this bloke, as he’s got his fair share coming…

    About Scott Cases software, I’ve already got a reply from Scott, and once I show him the entries on this blog I’m sure other things will happen from that end, too.

    Someone mentioned SPAM and so I looked through a few more of my emails and found the following one below.

    Now this is actually a deceptive email notification, perhaps a class of SPAM all by itself.

    He claimed that he purchased the domain name http://WWW.EBOOKSGALORE.CO.UK and took over the list from that domain.

    Now in good marketing practises, this is a no-no. But further to that, do you think he actually got these emails from some place ?

    I think this is a PHISHING Email, and all you had to do to “continue” to sign up was to reply to the first email.

    At rock bottom, this is against CAN-SPAM regulations.

    So … I looked for where I had previously subscribed to this domain.

    Guess what ?

    Checked my whole email for this domain (this is easy to do with Gmail), and the domain never appeared.

    Funny that.

    But we know of this bloke’s deception already, so it’s not surprising that this shady behaviour can now be added to the list of already questionable activities.

    Brad Smith

    NOTE: Please only leave further evidence of this work if you have it available, rather than leaving a negative comment.

    Daniel Armstrong
    Sat, Nov 17, 2007 at 11:49 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original

    Hi There i would like to welcome my self to you, i am Daniel Armstrong, and i am the new owner of HTTP://WWW.EBOOKSGALORE.CO.UK

    This and 5 more websites have been brought by me from the previous owner/s, if you are a loyal subscriber, and still wish to receive emails from our website then please reply back to this email and you will receive our new monthly newsletter.

    The message you sent requires that you verify that you
    are a real live human being and not a spam source.

    To complete this verification, simply reply to this message and leave
    the subject line intact.

    Once you reply back to this message our system will deliver your email to the relevant department, if you don’t reply to this email, it will be deleted after 48hrs.

    Warm Regards

  44. About the person who said the argument was going on in this blog just to sell more software - so what?

    If the guy DID steal the software it seems reasonable enough to capitalize on the controversy to sell more of the software he stole.

  45. I firmly believe this guy DID infact steal the software as he has also stolen some of my own scripts.

  46. Shit can this guy as best as possible, and if you see anyone that has a public list of giveaways, contact them and urge them to not include the giveaway on the list…

    he doesnt deserve the traffic..

  47. Hi all

    Got this message from another subscriber, and it confirms that this bloke is quite ruthless, and has no shame admitting it:

    date Thu, May 22, 2008 at 2:02 PM
    subject Re: Shawn, Stolen Copy of Giveaway Manager 2 Tracked Down

    Hi Brad,

    I ran into this Debney character tonight. He stole my offer at

    He apparently changed the paypal information so he could pay himself from one account to another. Then he refunded the money. Then he had the nerve to contact me and say it is illegal to sell one of the products in my offer. I’ll check that out shortly.

    He was on my mailing list as Ant ([email protected]). He clicked on my payment button which actually leads to a script. The script does a few checks and then generates the payment information and does an auto submit. He probably stopped that page while loading by hitting escape and copied the payment input statements.

    After my script accepted the payment it reported the payment had went to me; but it actually went to another one of his PayPal accounts. He signed up as Dan Dan (jdebney@gmail). He downloaded his products and also did quite a bit of looking around. Evidence shows that he tried getting into product folders before and after he made the purchase. Also he tried to tamper with the download folder. Security measures seemed to keep him out.

    My script is a seriously modified copy of the original Motivated Marketing System MMS v1.05. Internal reports generated revealed the following:

    Txn ID: 1RE48313FJ146840T
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Amount: $ 7.00
    Item name: All In One Place (wwd9-052108)

    He also contacted me afterwards as A Debney ([email protected]).

    I blocked his IP on my website. But I’m sure that won’t slow him down very much. Also deleted his original account and deactivated the newest account. Not much else I can do for now. I guess next step is to redesign the payment processing part of my script.

    I remembered reading about him stealing your Giveaway Manager 2 program. I thought you may want to know about his latest activities.

    If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. Maybe we can work together in finding a way of defeating this guy.

    Best regards,

    Shawn Davis

  48. The most complete picture we have of this guy: Richard Hulston.

    His profile is here:


    You can view his family and other aliases here which all seem to correlate quite well with the names he is using as posted in the main post:

    No doubt he’ll want to start making himself a little more invisible after this posting goes live …


  49. Hi,

    Thought I would mention that this person, using John Smith as an alias and [email protected] as an e-mail address, is still”at large”. He continues to use different IP addresses although the same name and e-mail address (probably — rightly — figuring I’m a dummy and haven’t noticed).

    He has stolen almost 100 products from me in the last month. Yeah, I know I should have be more aware!

    I am using 1ShoppingCart for payments and enabled the use of PayPal as a payment menthod.

    1ShoppingCart said it is a pending payment from PayPal but I go to my PayPal account and and don’t see the transactions.

    I tried the technique explained above and the flaw is in the 1ShoppingCart code also (I’m a bit surprised and very shocked by that actually).

    Anyway, if this is still being investigated then I am happy to provide what little information I can to help.


  50. Hi David

    You need to contact 1 Shopping Cart about this, and let them know that their security process sucks.

    He did the same for one of my sites through PAY DOT COM, and I alerted them to it — and they now say that they’ve fixed it.

    It seems that if there is anything that CAN be broken, then I’d have to give him the credit and say he’s doing a fantastic job being able to break into the script and get past the security.

    So I guess he’s a professional hacker. But is he doing anything wrong other than showing us all that we shouldn’t trust our own digital systems ?

    Of course if he’s profiting from our products then we should teach him a lesson.

    Oh, his new name is MICHAEL PINDER and he has been running the latest giveaway events with GWM 2.

    I’ve canceled his GWM 2 licence, and this is starting to filter out to the forums now.

    But he’s arise with another identity, for sure. Not too much to worry about it, I think he’d get enjoyment seeing people upset about what he does. My enjoyment is publicly exposing him each time he re-appears :)

    That’s why I recommend reading The Death of JV Giveaways.

    Have fun !


  51. Hi Brad Please see you email that i have sent you.

    A response would be great, you can post it on here or send a email to me,


  52. Hi Brad,

    I pinged, and and they all link to the following IP address, so anything coming from that is Micheal Pinder (or should I say Richard Hulston).

    The IP address is, I encourage all of you to ping the three sites I just mentioned and also to google the search phrase “Micheal Pinder” to see that he’s using fake co-hosts for his illegal giveaways (which I also believe he’s split-testing fake co-hosts on the Juggernaut giveaway since I saw two almost identical pages listed that would be considered duplicate content if not for the different names listed for the fake co-hosts).

    I will also be posting the IP address I just mentioned in my forum, where I have been giving updates on the story.


    Thank you Scott for sending the alert, Richard Hulston (aka Micheal Pinder) is a ruthless person. A member of my forum confronted him on his blog with a pseudonym to illustrate how easy it is to fake co-hosts, therefore exposing Richard Hulstun and he basically said “where’s the proof” implying that there is none. He also demanded an apology in a very ruthless manner, I will do my best to get the alerts out as soon as I get them, I will even put this blog entry in my rss feeds so I can be updated on the new comments that are posted here, and therefore, future alerts on Richard Scumbag

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