Giveaway Manager 2: We have launched !

Hi partners

Thank you for coming on board with us for the launch of Giveaway Manager 2. After a few initial hiccups earlier this week, (for example, transfer of our server IP Address caused “reverse domain lookup” issues) - we’re on the road.

The easiest way to promote the product is to copy and paste the emails in your Marketing Emails section out to your subscriber list. I’ve pasted just two of these here for you to use - but there are two more emails in there as well.


We’ve taken an extra step and instead of giving you just $120 commission on the front end, that’s bumped up to a huge $147 per sale. (Yes, an extra $27 per sale!) Sound good ?

The One Time Offer commission remains at $200 - so go get ‘em tiger !


Remember to use your MEMBER Affiliate link for your promotion - though in this case it won’t really matter because the CONTRIBUTOR link converts to a member link anyway.

Please login and collect your link to use in these following promotional emails.

**   DRAFT EMAIL #1   **



It’s the king of gossip in the forums.
Other marketers are getting narky with jealousy.
The top gun gurus are snobbing the under-dogs effectiveness.

Quite literally, the big boys don’t want to hear about it !

Back in March when Brad and Guido launched Easter JV 2008 they didn’t know what they were up against. And in fact, they still don’t know how many top name marketers they’ve put OFF-SIDE because of their impressive strategy employed at Easter JV.

But the fact of the matter is, it worked.
And now due to overwhelming demand, they are giving you the power, too.

The power to …
BUILD your list of thousands, by next week
EARN thousands of dollars into your PayPal account
NETWORK with hundreds of other JV Marketers

And this is YOUR opportunity to get in on the ground floor and seriously rival the status quo.


Other Giveaway events are using software which is a thing of the past.
And the big boys know it.
You can hear their nervous laugh as they see this thing coming…

Perhaps they won’t admit it, but Brad and Guido know that they’ve DEEPLY OFFENDED a lot of top name marketers because once they release this software onto the market they are essentially giving you the power to become a MEGA STAR, almost overnight.

Believe me, I know the IM industry well enough to tell you that anyone who helps other marketers build their subscriber lists into the thousands in a period of just 7 days really does earn their stripes.

And boy do they know it.

They are not here to please the status quo.
And the question is, “Are you ?”

Are you going to continue to work as an under-dog for these slave laborers who insist that YOU  must promote THEIR product to your lists, forever and a day ?

Or are you going to build your OWN subscriber list to rival their numbers?

You’ve got a choice: Sit here and work for others, or get others to work for you.

It’s that simple.


To Your Mega-Subscriber Success !


PS. I’ve been around long enough to know if this is the real deal or not. Having personally seen the affects of Giveaway Manager 2 at the Easter JV Giveaway, I can honestly say that with a little effort on your part, you can also build a subscriber list of 10’s of thousands in by the end of next week.



** DRAFT EMAIL #2 **


You know, living at the top of the food chain has it’s benefits:
1.You control the area
2.Others watch out for you and give you room
3.You can live off the lower living organisms beneath you
4.There is a sense of awe and power with your position

Now I must ask you: Are you at the TOP of the food chain, or the BOTTOM ?

Most marketers don’t know how to climb their way to the top of the food chain.
They are forever on the upward learning slope and never really find a measure of success.

It’s frustrating being at the lower end of the food chain:
1.Food is scarce
2.You are always picking up the scraps that others leave behind
3.You need to watch yourself because you are the PREY
4.You seem powerless to keep control of your area

Does that sound like you ?

Are you continually frustrated by being unable to network with others and have them promote your products ?

Do your subscribers laugh at you when you promote your own, or someone else’s products?

Are you ready to quit ?

If so, then perhaps today is the day you can turn all that around.

My good friends, Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum, have released a powerful new marketing tool that you can use to climb your way to the top of the food chain. It’s called Giveaway Manager 2, and it’s available at a special low, low price today.

No joke, Giveaway Manager 2 has proven itself over the last few months during several stages of beta testing and this powerful new software can enable you to:

1.BUILD large subscriber lists – within a matter of days, not years
2.EARN more money direct to your PayPal account
3.NETWORK with hundreds of other JV Partners

Finally, the top of the food chain is within reach.

It’s that simple.
Are you ready to climb the food chain ?


To Your Mega Success,

PS. I’ve been around long enough to know if this is the real deal or not. Having personally seen the affects of Giveaway Manager 2 at the Easter JV Giveaway, I can honestly say that with a little effort on your part, you can also build a subscriber list of 10’s of thousands in by the end of next week.



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2 Responses to “Giveaway Manager 2: We have launched !”

  1. Geoff JV Dodd Says:

    Guido and Brad,

    You have 2 great letters there with emotional appeals. I see what you’re saying about this script being a threat because it empowers the ‘underdog’ with the real ability to build a list in the tens of thousands, fast! And to share that ability with countless contributors.

    The food chain analogy is also relevant. Anyone can buy this script and rocket up to the peak of the pecking order!

    Geoff Dodd
    Perth, Au

  2. Fred Koster Says:

    Guido and Brad, I just want to thank you for all the work that you have been doing to prepair for the lauch of this new software, and I would also like to just say WOW, when it comes to what you have done with this version as compaired to giveawaymanager1.

    If anyone that buys this software does not make money on the very first try, then they just need to find another business model to get involved in. I have personnally ran several giveaway events and have yet to not make money, and that was with scripts that do not do even 1/4 of what your new software does. So again thank you for all your hard work on making a software product that is capible of turning any novice into a money magnet super machine. Thanks a million guys you deserve it.

    Fred Koster

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