Giveaway Manager 2, Up and Running - Day Three !

Howdy partners,

Thank you all for being involved in a great way. This is a huge project, and we’re looking at ways to bring you home the profits that you deserve.

Firstly, as you might be aware, sales conversions are quite slow. This is not a typical launch. Perhaps this seems like a bit of a reverse launch to some. We haven’t had death threats … yet. But I suppose people were expecting a LOT of sales since the software is so powerful.

And for the record, we plan to keep the price tag high so that you can continue to reap commissions of high quality, and that the product won’t be devalued like other software in the marketplace.

One of our options to increase sales was to lower the price so that everyone could access the script. But having thought and debated about that, we’d rather not. No way. Nuh. Sorry !

There’s too much at stake for us, and you, here if we let this quality script be traded as a common tool. So only those who really want it will get it.

The great thing is that since you’ve already promoted these people are locked permanently into your downline whih ensures your future sales as we bring them through for you on the backend.
If you feel that people aren’t buying because of the price tag, then here’s a few suggestions that you could run with:

  1. Offer them a REBATE - this is like a discount, but they need to purchase the product, at full price, first. When you receive your commission (after 30 days of their payment processed) , you could send over a share of your commissions to them for taking the package. (suggested rebate is $40 - $60)
  2. Offer then a BONUS - have you got a Membership site or a product that will help them out? Well bribe them with this product, and help them get what they want.
  3. Offer to Partner with them - now this is a BIG ONE. It doesn’t involve “quick wins”, but it might certainly get them across the line ! When you, a major player, offer to help a smaller player get started, the sun will start to shine out of “you now where”. This is perhaps the BIGGEST way to help others succeed. People won’t just buy a PRODUCT. They really want HELP. And to mingle with the ELITE marketers and have them back up their launch would be an AWESOME opportunity. Guido and I are using this technique for the One Time Offer. It’s compelling.

We’re getting some great punchy new emails produced over the weekend, and we’ll be starting to market Giveaway Manager 2 to the inside Members starting on Monday.

What I’d urge you to do is continue to build your downline and bring people into the site. This will guarantee your future earnings, and so you shouldn’t stop promoting because sales are low. We fully expect a take up of the offers as time goes on.

Thanks again !

Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum

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