Giveaway Manager 2 Blog Empowering the Giveaway Marketing Industry Sat, 06 Dec 2008 22:10:17 +0000 en Who Wants More Traffic? Sat, 06 Dec 2008 22:10:17 +0000 GWM 2 Admin It’s not a secret that every internet business needs
a steady flow of traffic. Without traffic you can’t
make any sales or get signups to your opt-in list.

What do you do to drive traffic to your websites?

There are multiple ways to generate traffic and to
ensure a steady flow of traffic you need to use
various sources of traffic. It’s the combination of
multiple traffic sources that lets your business grow

One source of traffic that should be in your portfolio
are the Manual Traffic Exchanges. By using these programs
you can get large amounts of traffic to your website
whenever you want.

The Manual Traffic Exchanges are also great for
split-testing your Squeeze Pages to get the maximum
signup rate. Finally you can build up Downlines in
these programs and this can result in automated traffic
because you earn a percentage of the traffic that your
downline generates.

With that said, head over to the Traffic Witch. This
program is currently growing at a tremendous speed
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this system.

Stolen Software Owner Running His Own Giveaway Event Wed, 14 May 2008 13:31:33 +0000 GWM 2 Admin Fellow Marketers,

We release the following information to the internet marketing community for you to take action against a very dangerous person who has criminal intent.

This person is using a stolen version of our software, Giveaway Manager 2, for his site:

He is also running a stolen copy of Guido Nussbaum’s Giveaway Announcer hosted at:

From my own database of double opt-in subscribers, this is (some of) the identities of the named person. You may need to follow the link between the name of the person, as well as their IP Address throughout this list.

Sub. Id# Name Email Status AR Mess num. Ip/Time Action

14665 Anthony debney [email protected] F 17 1 05/22/07 12:05pm EDT [Del] - [Edit]

36679 Anthony debney [email protected] F 13 1 03/30/07 10:01am EDT [Del] - [Edit]

37128 Jason debney [email protected] F 13 1 03/27/07 1:57pm EDT [Del] - [Edit]

39890 Jason debney [email protected] F 31 1 01/04/08 - 18:21:12 [Del] - [Edit]

43588 Daniel armstrong [email protected] F 30 1 03/30/08 - 11:47:10 [Del] - [Edit]

52326 Daniel Armstrong [email protected] F 42 1 1/03/2008 12:29 [Del] - [Edit]

54250 Rick Armstrong [email protected] F 38 1 19/03/2008 18:29 [Del] - [Edit]

56068 Shonda Armstrong [email protected] F 38 1 20/03/2008 13:23 [Del] - [Edit]

54105 John Walters [email protected] F 38 1 19/03/2008 17:46 [Del] - [Edit]

58503 Oscar Walters [email protected] F 38 1 22/03/2008 17:10 [Del] - [Edit]

Added: 15/05/2008:

Daniel | [email protected] | IP:

121545 Daniel armstrong [email protected] F 14 1 1/18/08 - 21:27:29 [Del] - [Edit]

123227 Oscar walters [email protected] F 2 1 2/03/08 - 23:30:55 [Del] - [Edit]

Added 15/06/2008: Rick Armstrong [email protected] 2/04/2006 17:51

Added 26/05/2008: [email protected]
From other sources, this person is also known by the names:

Marie Ashwell
JV Marketing
Daniel Armstrong
Anthony Debney
Jason Debney
Keith Burton
Jamie Walters

He runs all kinds of scripts on his domain… all half setup… Did he pay for any of these ?

Added 15/05/2008:

It also seems he also has several PayPal accounts as there are various transactions associated with this account — though never for the full price. He uses PayPal workaround hacks to get things without paying full price. Have you got a payment from this guy ? PayPal, and us, would be very interested !
** What You Can Do **

- If you are invited to join his event, then please decline.
- If you have other information, please log a ticket at my support desk so that the FBI can be informed.

We are currently talking with PayPal, Web hosts, Domain name providers, and online legal entities to remove this person from the internet marketing community. We encourage you to check your own autoresponders to see if he is on your list(s). This will verify our submission here.

BEWARE: Since he is running his own event he could also potentially have your username and passwords that you commonly use for other promotions.

If we weren’t 100% certain about this then we wouldn’t attempt to make this claim.

I’d appreciate any further information, comments, or the like at my support centre (both good and bad!)

Thanks and bye for now,

Brad Smith (and Guido Nussbaum)
14 May 2008.

Giveaway Manager 2, Watch Out For The Tsunami ! Thu, 01 May 2008 12:59:47 +0000 GWM 2 Admin Hi partners

Since we launched 1 week ago we have had a tremendous amount of feedback about our product, our sales techniques, upgrades, it’s all very exciting!

In response to many requests, we have now implemented a three part payment plan to assist people to own Giveaway Manager 2 a lot faster. This means that you can now run your event and cash in on your subscribers even before you’ve finished paying for your software. Sound good ?

This is now a huge selling point in order to break the cash barrier that we (inadvertantly) put up during the sales process.

We are already contacting all our members about this option, and we’re hoping to send you large affiliate commissions after the 30 days vesting period is up.

Next, we’ve resolved a couple of bug fixes for the software, which were discovered after launch. And we’ve even added more functionality to the software already.

It’s been a pleasure assisting a few people to work through their site setup over the last few days - spine chilling to see Giveaway Manager 2 software now ready to launch onto the market in a Tsunami-like avalanche of giveaway activities that are ready to hit the marketplace.

No doubt you will be involved in that, one way or another!

Lastly, we’ve put up two more Marketing emails for you to use in your promotions.

Here’s just one of them - there are in fact 6 emails now available inside the site.

As we’re still paying out $148.50 commissions, (and $200 commissions for the OTO), this is still a huge opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor and make some easy money by releasing Giveaway Manager 2 to your JV Partners the Marketplace.

Ready ?

Go for it !

Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum


Subject - {firstname}- He Made $5,000 in 14 Days!

Hey {firstname},

Odin Sorenson did it.

He purchased Giveaway Manager 2, put on his
own event, and banked $5,000 in just 2 weeks!

Want to see his testimonial?

Click here => [AFFILIATE LINK]

His return on investment for that ONE event
alone was ALMOST 1700%!

And 2,122 brand, new subscribers!

All he has to do now is:



These new subcribers could potentially put at
LEAST $2,000 in Odin’s pocket each and every

And even if he doesn’t run another giveaway event
in quite a while, he can create a business around
these subscribers who will happily pay him to
feed them what they want.

It can’t get any better than that!

He’s GUARANTEED to make money from his list
as long as he keeps them happy.

And this is something you can do, too!

All you have to do is say to yourself,

“You know what? I’m going to take Brad & Guido
up on their offer.”

“I’ve been reading these letters for the
last coupla days and I’ve been hesitant.”

“I guess I’ll just take their word for it and
take the plunge!”

“After all, they DO offer a money-back guarantee!

“So what have I got to lose more than a couple
thousand subscribers?”

That’s right. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose.

So here’s the link… click on it now:


…and let’s guide you through setting up
and launching your very own giveaway event!

Here’s To A Profitable Givewaway Event,



P.S. Launching a giveaway is the fastest way to
build a list. Most of the other methods are too
slow. In as little as 7 days, you can have a
purely, golden opt-in list. And Giveaway Manager 2
is the tool to help you do just that.

Click here now =>


Giveaway Manager 2, Up and Running - Day Three ! Fri, 18 Apr 2008 14:37:24 +0000 GWM 2 Admin Howdy partners,

Thank you all for being involved in a great way. This is a huge project, and we’re looking at ways to bring you home the profits that you deserve.

Firstly, as you might be aware, sales conversions are quite slow. This is not a typical launch. Perhaps this seems like a bit of a reverse launch to some. We haven’t had death threats … yet. But I suppose people were expecting a LOT of sales since the software is so powerful.

And for the record, we plan to keep the price tag high so that you can continue to reap commissions of high quality, and that the product won’t be devalued like other software in the marketplace.

One of our options to increase sales was to lower the price so that everyone could access the script. But having thought and debated about that, we’d rather not. No way. Nuh. Sorry !

There’s too much at stake for us, and you, here if we let this quality script be traded as a common tool. So only those who really want it will get it.

The great thing is that since you’ve already promoted these people are locked permanently into your downline whih ensures your future sales as we bring them through for you on the backend.
If you feel that people aren’t buying because of the price tag, then here’s a few suggestions that you could run with:

  1. Offer them a REBATE - this is like a discount, but they need to purchase the product, at full price, first. When you receive your commission (after 30 days of their payment processed) , you could send over a share of your commissions to them for taking the package. (suggested rebate is $40 - $60)
  2. Offer then a BONUS - have you got a Membership site or a product that will help them out? Well bribe them with this product, and help them get what they want.
  3. Offer to Partner with them - now this is a BIG ONE. It doesn’t involve “quick wins”, but it might certainly get them across the line ! When you, a major player, offer to help a smaller player get started, the sun will start to shine out of “you now where”. This is perhaps the BIGGEST way to help others succeed. People won’t just buy a PRODUCT. They really want HELP. And to mingle with the ELITE marketers and have them back up their launch would be an AWESOME opportunity. Guido and I are using this technique for the One Time Offer. It’s compelling.

We’re getting some great punchy new emails produced over the weekend, and we’ll be starting to market Giveaway Manager 2 to the inside Members starting on Monday.

What I’d urge you to do is continue to build your downline and bring people into the site. This will guarantee your future earnings, and so you shouldn’t stop promoting because sales are low. We fully expect a take up of the offers as time goes on.

Thanks again !

Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum

A New Giveaway Elite Community Is Rising ! Wed, 16 Apr 2008 22:09:53 +0000 GWM 2 Admin Hi everyone

 Over the last 24 hours a new giveaway community is arising. There’s a lot of interest in the software, and the new sales process is capturing people that you refer, and locking them into your downline. This may not seem important to you just now but it is very important for your long term profits — as they hav taken the first step in towards buiding their list to access this software.

My Virtual Sales Assistants have been working very hard for us - capturing a lot of questions, and resolving issues. As a result of the chat log, I’ve tailored the answers to respond with a positive explanation of how the software can build their list.

Get some funny responses though - especially to my female assistants ?! 

With our One Time Offer uptake at 8%,  we are building confidence in the product. Today we will be starting to sell your locked-in downline the benefits of the Giveaway Manager 2 product.

So we urge you to continue to send people to the site and lock in your downline. As this is not cookie based, we can do the back end selling for you now !

More news later :)

Brad and Guido 

Giveaway Manager 2: We have launched ! Tue, 15 Apr 2008 20:09:18 +0000 GWM 2 Admin Hi partners

Thank you for coming on board with us for the launch of Giveaway Manager 2. After a few initial hiccups earlier this week, (for example, transfer of our server IP Address caused “reverse domain lookup” issues) - we’re on the road.

The easiest way to promote the product is to copy and paste the emails in your Marketing Emails section out to your subscriber list. I’ve pasted just two of these here for you to use - but there are two more emails in there as well.


We’ve taken an extra step and instead of giving you just $120 commission on the front end, that’s bumped up to a huge $147 per sale. (Yes, an extra $27 per sale!) Sound good ?

The One Time Offer commission remains at $200 - so go get ‘em tiger !


Remember to use your MEMBER Affiliate link for your promotion - though in this case it won’t really matter because the CONTRIBUTOR link converts to a member link anyway.

Please login and collect your link to use in these following promotional emails.

**   DRAFT EMAIL #1   **



It’s the king of gossip in the forums.
Other marketers are getting narky with jealousy.
The top gun gurus are snobbing the under-dogs effectiveness.

Quite literally, the big boys don’t want to hear about it !

Back in March when Brad and Guido launched Easter JV 2008 they didn’t know what they were up against. And in fact, they still don’t know how many top name marketers they’ve put OFF-SIDE because of their impressive strategy employed at Easter JV.

But the fact of the matter is, it worked.
And now due to overwhelming demand, they are giving you the power, too.

The power to …
BUILD your list of thousands, by next week
EARN thousands of dollars into your PayPal account
NETWORK with hundreds of other JV Marketers

And this is YOUR opportunity to get in on the ground floor and seriously rival the status quo.


Other Giveaway events are using software which is a thing of the past.
And the big boys know it.
You can hear their nervous laugh as they see this thing coming…

Perhaps they won’t admit it, but Brad and Guido know that they’ve DEEPLY OFFENDED a lot of top name marketers because once they release this software onto the market they are essentially giving you the power to become a MEGA STAR, almost overnight.

Believe me, I know the IM industry well enough to tell you that anyone who helps other marketers build their subscriber lists into the thousands in a period of just 7 days really does earn their stripes.

And boy do they know it.

They are not here to please the status quo.
And the question is, “Are you ?”

Are you going to continue to work as an under-dog for these slave laborers who insist that YOU  must promote THEIR product to your lists, forever and a day ?

Or are you going to build your OWN subscriber list to rival their numbers?

You’ve got a choice: Sit here and work for others, or get others to work for you.

It’s that simple.


To Your Mega-Subscriber Success !


PS. I’ve been around long enough to know if this is the real deal or not. Having personally seen the affects of Giveaway Manager 2 at the Easter JV Giveaway, I can honestly say that with a little effort on your part, you can also build a subscriber list of 10’s of thousands in by the end of next week.



** DRAFT EMAIL #2 **


You know, living at the top of the food chain has it’s benefits:
1.You control the area
2.Others watch out for you and give you room
3.You can live off the lower living organisms beneath you
4.There is a sense of awe and power with your position

Now I must ask you: Are you at the TOP of the food chain, or the BOTTOM ?

Most marketers don’t know how to climb their way to the top of the food chain.
They are forever on the upward learning slope and never really find a measure of success.

It’s frustrating being at the lower end of the food chain:
1.Food is scarce
2.You are always picking up the scraps that others leave behind
3.You need to watch yourself because you are the PREY
4.You seem powerless to keep control of your area

Does that sound like you ?

Are you continually frustrated by being unable to network with others and have them promote your products ?

Do your subscribers laugh at you when you promote your own, or someone else’s products?

Are you ready to quit ?

If so, then perhaps today is the day you can turn all that around.

My good friends, Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum, have released a powerful new marketing tool that you can use to climb your way to the top of the food chain. It’s called Giveaway Manager 2, and it’s available at a special low, low price today.

No joke, Giveaway Manager 2 has proven itself over the last few months during several stages of beta testing and this powerful new software can enable you to:

1.BUILD large subscriber lists – within a matter of days, not years
2.EARN more money direct to your PayPal account
3.NETWORK with hundreds of other JV Partners

Finally, the top of the food chain is within reach.

It’s that simple.
Are you ready to climb the food chain ?


To Your Mega Success,

PS. I’ve been around long enough to know if this is the real deal or not. Having personally seen the affects of Giveaway Manager 2 at the Easter JV Giveaway, I can honestly say that with a little effort on your part, you can also build a subscriber list of 10’s of thousands in by the end of next week.



Giveaway Manager 2 : Two Days to Launch ! Sun, 13 Apr 2008 16:11:32 +0000 GWM 2 Admin Howdy Partners

We’re getting excited about launch, and we’re going live in just 2 days time.

If you’ve already got your affiliate link from inside the site,  then you might want to warm it up and get it handy for launch on Tuesday 15th April. This is going to be big.

Already we’ve had people demand that they have access to the script. They’ve insisted that we release it prior to the event launch so that they can start their own list building campaigns. They’ve even threatened us to release the script early else they’ll lose our friendship.

<sarcasm> Sounds like we’ve got some great friends hey ? </sarcasm>

Tomorrow we will be updating the emails for launch, as well as working around the clock to get everything else in place.

We’ve got a special One Time Offer that guarantees success for anyone who wants to run their own giveaway event. And we’ve already had several keen parties interested in this OTO - so stay tuned and watch out for launch, as you’ll be earning $120 per sale, or $200 for a sale of the OTO.

You’re STILL able to lock in your downline partners and earn a substantial income from the sale of GWM 2 if they purchase, as they will be in your downline AKA referral list. I know of some eager people who have gone all out to recruit as many other JV Partners for this event as they possibly can,  because it’s highly likely that their partners will be purchasing the script for their own use too.

That’s smart thinking.

I’ll keep you up to date as things get hotter - stay tuned !

Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum

Giveaway Manager 2

Giveaway Manager 2 Launch — Your Marketing Strategy Wed, 09 Apr 2008 12:09:34 +0000 GWM 2 Admin Hello partners,

Thank you so much for coming on board the Giveaway Manager 2 launch.
Our number of JV Partners for launch is increasing by around 10 per hour - which is awesome !

It gives us confidence that a lot of people believe in the power of Giveaway Marketing, and especially Giveaway Manager 2 software.

And we’ve proved this over the Easter JV Giveaway where we signed up an average of 32 confirmed members per hour over the 11 days.

And it was also a profitable event - the best so far for Easter JV, bringing over $13,000 of sales.

PLUS, since Easter JV finished at the end of March we’ve been adding more functionality, extra tools, tweaking the code and getting it ready for release on a wide-scale basis.

Believe me, it’s absolutely awesome the amount of work that has gone into this baby. And it’s designed to bring you more customers and make you more money than you could ever dream of.

** How To Make More Sales of Giveaway Manager 2 Launch **

At this stage we are looking for people who are able to promote the product. That is, JV Partners for launch.

However, let’s talk turkey here.

We are using Giveaway Manager 2 for the sales system of Giveaway Manager 2 (do you get it??), so if you would like to invite other JV Partners, then they enter your Downline. Since your downline is locked in (we aren’t using cookies here!), you will earn commissions from the sale of the product directly.

Moreso, your JV Partners are more likely to take up the One Time Offer that we’re putting together - which will come live on the 15th once we launch the site officially to the rest of the internet marketing world.

This explains why you would have seen a lot of other Top Name marketers invite you to be part of this launch. They are secretly building their downline in the hope of earning huge commissions :)

So … why don’t YOU do the same ?

To get in on the ground floor, we invite you to invite other JV Partners to help build the launch of Giveaway Manager 2.
The referral link to do this at this stage is the CONTRIBUTOR link, not the MEMBER link under your settings.

Do not use your normal MEMBER invite else you’ll just be referring people to the main sales page, which is a lead capture page for people interested in the product itself, and won’t be available until 15th April.

Please test your link prior to sending your invitation, OK ?

With the clock ticking now for JV Partners to get on board, you’ve only got the next 6 days to convince other JV Partners to participate in the launch.

So …. Scramble !!

To Your Giveaway Success -

Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum

Giveaway Manger 2: JV Partners Invited ! Tue, 08 Apr 2008 14:18:35 +0000 GWM 2 Admin Hi everyone

Well the ball has been kicked off and we’re starting to see the promotional site for Giveaway Manager now being flooded with new JV Partners to help us launch the product next Tuesday 15th April.

As you would know by now, we’re offering commissions of $120 for the main product, and $200 for the OTO. It is going to be insane !

The main launch period is from 15th to 25th April 2008, and your commissions will be paid out after a 30 day guarantee period, so long as PayPal are happy to release the funds :) I’m sure they will, I’ve let them know about our site.

At present we’re putting the finishing touches on the software itself, as well as constructing the installation documents for the software. So stay tuned for the ride of your life!

Now we need an extra set of eyes to keep the site in check - so if you see anything that you think needs attention, please let us know ASAP as we want to make this the best product launch in the history of the internet.

That’s it for today - see you tomorrow !

Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum

Giveaway Manager 2

Easter Giveaway powered by Giveaway Manager 2 Sat, 22 Mar 2008 21:02:00 +0000 GWM 2 Admin The pre-launch of the Easter Giveaway was already spectacular, our contributors had more than 600 gifts submitted. Now, 3 days after opening the doors for member signups, we have already 7369 Member signups and many upgrades. The rotating special offers sell pretty good, the best one counts more than 15 sales so far.

I guess by the end of the event our best contributors will have made $1000 and more in affiliate commission plus all their backend-sales from people who signup for their gifts. The easter giveaway is now in it’s third year. Brad told me that the value per signup is now 200% higher than last year because of the extra income sources that come with the Giveaway Manager 2 script.

The Easter Giveaway is the third and last Beta Test for the Giveaway Manager 2 script. With this event we prove that the software can handle huge events, providing it’s installed on a good server. The New Year’s Giveaway was hosted on a shared server and with aproximately 4000 member signups the shared server ran smoothly. The Easter Giveaway is to big for a shared servers… there were 1000 and more members downloading gifts at the same time and the database couldn’t handle it. We had to upgrade it to accept 750 connections simultaniously. Well, that’s just how it is with Mega Events.

This weekend we will reach the peak in regards of pageviews, so that by monday there should be 10.000 and more members. Today I had a look at the alexa ranking and I was impressed to see that we are ranking within the 6000 most visited websites in the world. Check out the screenshot that I’ve taken.

Have a great day!

Guido Nussbaum & Brad Smith

alexa ranking