Easter Giveaway powered by Giveaway Manager 2

The pre-launch of the Easter Giveaway was already spectacular, our contributors had more than 600 gifts submitted. Now, 3 days after opening the doors for member signups, we have already 7369 Member signups and many upgrades. The rotating special offers sell pretty good, the best one counts more than 15 sales so far.

I guess by the end of the event our best contributors will have made $1000 and more in affiliate commission plus all their backend-sales from people who signup for their gifts. The easter giveaway is now in it’s third year. Brad told me that the value per signup is now 200% higher than last year because of the extra income sources that come with the Giveaway Manager 2 script.

The Easter Giveaway is the third and last Beta Test for the Giveaway Manager 2 script. With this event we prove that the software can handle huge events, providing it’s installed on a good server. The New Year’s Giveaway was hosted on a shared server and with aproximately 4000 member signups the shared server ran smoothly. The Easter Giveaway is to big for a shared servers… there were 1000 and more members downloading gifts at the same time and the database couldn’t handle it. We had to upgrade it to accept 750 connections simultaniously. Well, that’s just how it is with Mega Events.

This weekend we will reach the peak in regards of pageviews, so that by monday there should be 10.000 and more members. Today I had a look at the alexa ranking and I was impressed to see that we are ranking within the 6000 most visited websites in the world. Check out the screenshot that I’ve taken.

Have a great day!

Guido Nussbaum & Brad Smith

alexa ranking

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