A New Giveaway Elite Community Is Rising !

Hi everyone

 Over the last 24 hours a new giveaway community is arising. There’s a lot of interest in the software, and the new sales process is capturing people that you refer, and locking them into your downline. This may not seem important to you just now but it is very important for your long term profits — as they hav taken the first step in towards buiding their list to access this software.

My Virtual Sales Assistants have been working very hard for us - capturing a lot of questions, and resolving issues. As a result of the chat log, I’ve tailored the answers to respond with a positive explanation of how the software can build their list.

Get some funny responses though - especially to my female assistants ?! 

With our One Time Offer uptake at 8%,  we are building confidence in the product. Today we will be starting to sell your locked-in downline the benefits of the Giveaway Manager 2 product.

So we urge you to continue to send people to the site and lock in your downline. As this is not cookie based, we can do the back end selling for you now !

More news later :)

Brad and Guido 

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